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Valentina Pelin

Property Manager

Meet Valentina Pelin, a cornerstone of our team since she joined White Mountain in July 2016. As she is very meticulous, Valentina ensures every accountancy detail is in perfect order, from managing our accounts and checking bills for our managed properties to flawlessly executing delivery receipt protocols. Her sharp eye for detail and commitment to precision are invaluable to our operations.

However, Valentina's contributions go beyond her professional expertise. Her creative and joyful personality brings a vibrant energy to our office. With a passion for flowers, nature and photography, Valentina sees beauty in everything and captures it through her lens. Her Instagram page is a testament to her talent, featuring stunning photographs of Brasov that highlight her unique perspective and love for life.

At White Mountain, we are grateful for Valentina's dedication and the joy she brings to our team. Her blend of professionalism and creativity helps us maintain our high standards while enriching our workplace environment.