Damian Galvin

Managing Director

Damian Galvin

Managing Director
Telefon: +40727606074
Telefon: +40314340732
Email: damian.galvin@whitemountain.ro
Numar oferte: 162

Despre agent

Damian originates from the UK & moved to Romania in 2007 to create White Mountain Property with a vision to deliver the best Property Management, Real Estate service and client experience on the market. He began his 24yr previous career in Automotive Engineering, in car design, engineering and manufacturing, working for BP Oil, Ford, Jaguar and 12 years as a Design Manager at Aston Martin car company. His hobbies include property renovation, cars, motorbikes, dancing, mountains, travel, charity and creative writing.  Damian has 26 years of experience in Property Investment, Property Management, Renovation, Financial Analysis & Interior Design and hands on market expereince in Romania since 2003 in commercial, industrial and residential real estate.

Ofertele agentului

Teren de vanzare in Peris - Ilfov
148.500 EUR
Class A office space, Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu
17 EUR
2600 m2 0 0 bai
1200 sqm class A office space, Promenada Mall/ Aviatiei
15 EUR
1200 m2 0 0 bai
Cladire de Birouri Clasa A de inchiriat in Grozavesti
14 EUR
16425 m2 0 0 bai
Spatii De Birouri clasa A de inchiriat in Timpuri Noi
18 EUR
13410 m2 0 0 bai
Cladire de Birouri Clasa A de inchiriat in Piata Victoriei
25 EUR
6355 m2 0 0 bai
Spatiu de Birouri de inchiriat in Pipera - D. Pompeiu
10 EUR
3500 m2 0 0 bai
Spatii de Birouri Clasa A de inchiriat in Floreasca
13 EUR
0 m2 0 0 bai
Apartament 3 camere de vanzare in Calea Victoriei
120.000 EUR
66 m2 3 2 bai
Apartament segment lux de inchiriat Seasons Residence
750 EUR
Inchiriere inchiriata
93 m2 3 2 bai
Apartament 2 camere de inchiriat in centrul istoric al Brasovului
340 EUR
Inchiriere inchiriata
58 m2 2 1 bai
Garsoniera de inchiriat in Seasons Residence
450 EUR
Inchiriere inchiriata
38 m2 1 1 bai
Vila  de lux de inchiriat termen scurt si lung, in Scheii Brasovului
1.600 EUR
Inchiriere inchiriata exclusiva
314 m2 5 3 bai
Apartament de lux cu 3 camere de inchiriat in Seasons Residence Brasov
900 EUR
Inchiriere inchiriata
100 m2 3 2 bai
Apartament generos excelent localizat
520 EUR
Inchiriere inchiriata
76 m2 4 2 bai
Spatiu comercial de inchiriat pe Strada Lunga
550 EUR
Inchiriere inchiriata
225 m2 7 3 bai
Apartament de inchiriat in Centru Civic
800 EUR
Inchiriere inchiriata
115 m2 3 2 bai
Apartament 2 camere luxos si intim in Avantgarden
410 EUR
Inchiriere inchiriata
54 m2 2 1 bai