Tailor made property management in Bucharest / Brasov, Romania

An important part of the activity of White Mountain Property is represented by medium and long term properties sales and rental. Whether we are talking about apartments, houses or villas, our brokers are making all the efforts to satisfy the needs of both parties involved - owners on one side and buyers or tenants on the other side and also to maintain the most efficient communication channels between all the mentioned persons.



A dynamic domain, that recently entered Romanian market, Property Management is a service we are offering to people owning properties in Romania and consists of efficient handling of all operations a real estate investment involves. We are managing both residential and commercial spaces like offices, hotels, stores.



White Mountain maintenance and interior design team provides work at high standards of quality and professionalism, in the shortest possible time, both for residential and commercial properties. No job is too large or too small for us.

For residential sector, the range of offered services includes: general interior and exterior renovations and reparations (painting, flooring, electric, sanitary, heat instalations, isolations, roofing) and interior design and decorations. The properties become your welcoming homes or they have the optimal friendly outlook when available for rent or sale. Moreover, our team deals with garden care and maintenance - landscaping, trimming, hedging, mulching, lawn care, general garden clean up.

For the commercial sector, our team adapts to the practical requirements of a varied clients range, performing activities from current maintenance of offices, reorganisation of spaces, full renovations to personalised furnishing.

A division of our team is fully dedicated to design, production and installation of furniture, cooperating with aknowledged companies in the field.