Tailor made property management in Bucharest / Brasov, Romania

English/ Romanian speaking, class leading property management in Bucharest, Brasov region and other cities.  Property owners enjoy hands-off ownership, empty or rented, e.g. rent management, tenant selection, maintenance, accounting, repairs, furnishing, tenant disputes, resolving mis-handled tax, property registration and accounting.  We get your property in shape quickly without fuss.  We then manage the rental side so you can be 100% hands-off owner with no stress!

Silver Gold Vacant
1/ Collect monthly rent, deposit to owners account
2/ Hold keys and all property documents
3/ Deal with tenant / neighbour issues
4/ Periodic utility bills tracking
5/ Conduct periodic property checks
6/ On call for maintenance
7/ Automatically replace tenants (fee charged)
8/ Conduct inventory report
9/ Mandatory annual gas/electric verifications
10/ Register rental contracts with fiscal authorities
11/ Local admin duties
12/ Renew property insurance (no fee charged)
13/ Vacant security checks & heating activation
14/ Inspection, snagging, new property handover
15/ Tenant or holiday guest welcome/ orientation
16/ Organising energy performance certificates
17/ Pay utilities, tax, insurance, maintenance, admin
18/ Non standard items charged per hour, (legal, admin, financial)

Why use Property Management in Romania?

Here are some of the benefits typically gained through professional property management:

  • Maximize rents and shorten vacancies
  • You avoid dealing with tenant disputes
  • Higher quality tenants that rent for longer
  • Fewer legal disputes with tenants
  • Tighter rent collection process
  • Reduce the time lost and hassle of Romanian taxes
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Increase the value of your investment property
  • Discounted rates with trusted suppliers and contractors (plumbers, electricians, furniture makers, gas inspections, evaluations, accountants etc)
  • Increase your family time / time out by outsourcing tenant management


Some owners of investment property in Romania feel they are somewhat helpless and reliant on a few tenuous contacts. Many of the Romanian properties in our care came to us in a mess, missing documentation, incorrect registration, excess & overdue taxes, poor quality accounting or badly maintained. At White Mountain we pride ourselves on high standards of real estate management services at fair prices & ensure that we can provide every possible Romanian property management service you could need. Below are just a few examples. This year so far over 20 disillusioned owners of Greenfield Residence, Bellevue Residence, Piata & Blvd Unirii, Sydney Residence, Diamond Park and other Romanian developments have come to us to remedy the situation created by a previous poor quality Romanian property manager. All are now running as they should, smoothly.

With our Romanian property maintenance team we have renovated, decorated or furnished around 10 properties per year, every year since 2007 - all of which have then been rented out successfully, managed well & are generating a good return for their owners. Our ability to take a previously mismanaged property & reverse its fortune at a low investment cost & almost no owner involvement is what we are known for. You can see some examples of this work on YouTube

How does our Tenant Finding Service work?

Finding the right tenant quickly is as important as achieving the optimum rent. We conduct due diligence to determine tenant suitability and provide you with our considered opinion to assist your decision making. We use internet and regional publications to achieve the best publicity and reach the right clients. Fees for this service are very competitive in the Romanian market. No professional agency offers lower prices than us.  We use a separate dedicated team of commission-only-paid rental brokers to find tenants & we leave the tenant management to the totally separate Property Management team after finding the right tenant.

Things You Should Ask When Selecting A Property Management Company

  • Length of business history and client size
  • Property Management fees for all services
  • Method of handling tenant and owner funds
  • Method of setting and collecting Rent
  • Policy for property maintenance and repairs
  • Policy for property inspections
  • Tenant Marketing and Retention
  • Policy for tenant screening
  • Examining the Company - background, qualifications, portfolio, size, staff, customer service
For your free guide on what you need to know before you hire a property manager in Romania, download it here . No tricks, no email lists. Just a free guide based on many thousands of hours experience here in Romania!

How Does A Managed Property Help Communities, Developers, Building Administration And Utility Companies?

When tenants are managed, they tend to follow the rules of the house, keep a nice property, pay their bills & generally act as good citizens. When a property is mis-managed, rent can fall behind, bad tenants are sometimes accepted, & the property, & sometimes its surroundings, spiral downwards. 

We have seen cases where administration fees lag behind, leaving Administrators unable to perform their duties & pay common costs. Or where utilities are cut, or garbage not removed, or wrecked cars dumped.  A badly behaving tenant affects much more than just the owner. Everyone connected with the property can suffer.

Additional Services White Mountain Property provides

Snagging, property handover, signature representation, utilities management, furnishing & Kitchen fitting, letting & selling in Romania, rent management tax & contract registration, annual property insurance, annual gas & electrical inspections, project & build status update, land searches, commercial shop fitting & design, Company set up / administration, property management in Brasov, Bucharest, Bran, Predeal, Sinaia, Busteni, Ploiesti, Constanta.

Buyers have even asked us to help them buy a property they have found through another agency because they want the added confidence of speaking in English with a trustworthy agent throughout the process. We have both sold and bought for clients in this way.