Looking for the ideal place to retire or live in harmony?…try Romania


Many people dismiss Romania as a destination of choice, but anyone with travel experience of the region know this to be a great option to consider. Romania is an excellent choice for an affordable getaway place to live & live very well.  There are many towns & villages in Romania that make it a great choice to consider for relocation if you want to escape the sadly all too many decaying societies in the west. From ASBO’s to muggings, to street crime, to anti social behaviour, once highly desirable locations are becomgin increasingly less desirable.

As the so called first world economy goes from one downturn to the next, with emergency special measures employed such as ‘quatative easing’ used to prevent meltdown through economic chaos, so called ‘natural’ disasters & social decay, now is perhaps a good time to consider investing in real estate to protect your hard earned money from negative growth.  But before you invest, plan ahead a little. Where could you compfotably live out your days in peace & tranquility, where your hard earned money goes further?  Pensions are not performing as expected and the stock market is not predictable. You cannot beat bricks and mortar for long term stability. So where to live?

Imagine a time when a cup of coffee would cost pocket change, where people nodded hello, good apetite, or blessed you when you sneazed.  Remember a time when 15yo lads did not pose a  threat to the silver generation in the average shopping mall? or when it was ok to chastise a wrong-doer in a public place without being prosecuted for victimising a minority?

A grumpy old man I may be, but I live in a country where respect still reigns, where men are men & women are women. A place where family is still something meaningful & not just a phrase used to group Apple products together.  A place where I can run free, buy a lady a flowers, hold a door open or kiss cheeks without getting sacked for being sexist. A place where identity, history, religion, values etc are still clear & not completely jumbled.

In some ‘western’ Christian countries, you can’t even celebrate Christmas or Easter without offending a minority group who might have come from an extremist background by choice to live in their new country. Upon arrival, they somehow gain more rights than those who have come from generations of being there.  Many even have more financial freedom that indiginous people with responsible positions in society, such as nurses, police, doctors, even company managers responsible for hundreds of employee’s welfare. You couldn’t script this madness it is so proposterous.

I know I am a dying breed, an old fool stuck in the past. Probably in less than 50 years from now in some western cultures the ‘normal’, family might consist of 2 mothers or 2 fathers with genetially pre-chosen children with preferential DNA. Attentding schools with such cultural mish mashes that just about any kind of religion, habbits, hobbies, perversions, twists or choices can be made without any objection. God forbid anyone who should object. God forbid anyone who uses the word ‘God’! There will be another super-being to worship & blaspheme. Money probably.  Screw that, I’ll take Romania any day! Old style values, affordable living, society as it used to be. What a great idea !!

To compare the cost of living in cities in Romania to your own city, use this clever database tool.  http://www.numbeo.com/