Silver Gold Vacant
1/ Collect the monthly rent
2/ Deposit rent into owners bank
3/ Deal with tenant / neighbour issues
4/ Verify utility bills are paid regularly
5/ Conduct periodic property checks
6/ On call for maintenance
7/ Automatically replace tenants
8/ Conduct inventory report
9/ Mandatory annual gas/electric verifications
10/ Register rental contracts with fiscal authorities
11/ Local admin duties - no charge
12/ Renew property insurance - no additional charge
13/ Renew property insurance with small fee
14/ Vacant security checks & heating activation
15/ Inspection, snagging, reception, handover (e.g. new property)
16/ Guest welcome reception & orientation (e.g. holiday guests)
17/ Pay utilities, tax, insurance, maintenance & admin
18/ Non standard items charged per hour, (e.g. legal, admin, financial)
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Other miscellaneous services

Many foreign owners feel they are somewhat exposed and even helpless. Many of the properties in our care came to us in a mess, missing documentation, incorrect registration, excess taxes due, poor quality accounting or badly maintained. We at WM pride ourselves on high standards at low prices & ensure that we can provide every possible property service you could need to manage your property. Below are just a few examples. This year for example so far over 20 disillusioned owners of Greenfields Residence, Bellevue, Unirii, Sydney and other developments have come to us to remedy the situation created by a previous poorly performing property manager. In all cases, we have achieved this and the investment properties are running as they should, smoothly.

With our small team we have renovated, decorated or furnished over 60 properties in 6 years - all of which have then been rented out successfully, managed well & are generating a good return for their owners. Our ability to take a previously mismanaged property & reverse its fortune at a low investment cost & almost no owner involvement is what we are known for. You can see this work on YouTube.


Tenant Find Service (new reduced rates)

Finding the right tenant is as important as achieving the optimum rent. We conduct due diligence to determine tenant suitability and provide you with our considered opinion to assist your decision making. We use internet and regional publications to achieve the best publicity and reach the right clients. Fees for this service are very competitive in the Romanian market. No agent offers lower prices than us.


Inventory Check In / Out Service

At the start of a tenancy we can record & list all aspects of your property, generate a condition report, obtain signed tenant / landlord acceptance for the report. If desired, hold the deposit as impartial parties. At the end of the tenancy, we can conduct a thorough condition review with the tenant, agree which items need repair or replacement, & withhold that sum from the deposit. Please contact us for our latest competitive prices for this service.


Cleaning & Maid Service

If you require your property to be cleaned on a regular basis or just for a special occasion (i.e., the mother in law is coming!), we can help with our local, hard working cleaning team. Just call or email us with your requirements. In addition, if you need help with daily chores such as Washing and Ironing, arranging for your dry cleaning, or just doing some shopping for you, why not give us a try.


Additional services

Snagging, property handover, signature representation, utilities management, furnishing & Kitchen fitting, letting & selling in Romania, rent management tax & contract registration, annual property insurance, annual gas & electrical inspections, project & build status update, land searches, commercial shop fitting & design, Company set up / administration, property management in Brasov, Bucharest, Bran, Predeal, Sinaia, Busteni, Ploiesti, Constanta.