Industrial Hall and Land for Sale in Bartolomeu

Bartolomeu, Brasov

Industrial Hall and Land for Sale in Bartolomeu

240,000 EUR  ID: DZ090117SECT

  • No of rooms:
  • Area: Bartolomeu
  • Floor space: 1165 mp
  • Completion Date: 2009
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White Mountain Property is pleased to offer for sale an industrial hall located in North Bartolomeu, an industrial area with great development potential, suitable as deposit or a small or feeder factory of an industrial company in close proximity (Ghimbav), at 10 minutes car drive from the future Brasov Airport.

Close to main transport routes, in an area where personal accommodation can be obtained at low prices, the hall offers easy access for logistic and workers transport.

With a 1664 square meters surface, 1165 square meters usable surface, the hall has spaces for offices, mess hall, restrooms, parking spaces, auto and TIR access. The hall along with the adjoining land has a surface of 3132 square meters and the land is divided into two lots of 1014 square meters each and the third lot of 2118 square meters. It has all utilities for an industrial consumer, installed power of 200 kW.

The building is rectangular 12x60 m and it is a unitary complex made of two buildings with a height of 5.54 m in the regime ground floor and one floor and a body with a height of 4.75m in ground floor regime arranged between them.

The ground floor is composed of three offices with surfaces of 17, 12, 12 square meters. office bathroom; men's dressing; boiler room; men's restroom; cutting processing workshop; compressor room; wire bending workshop; deposit room, dotting machine workshop; painting workshop; metal workshop.

The upper floor of the right building is composed of: mess hall, women's dressing; women's restroom; office bathroom; three offices with surfaces of 13, 13 and 18 square meters 13 square meters office; lobby.

The upper floor of the left building is composed of:  deposit, substation, scoring machine workshop.

The structure of the foundation is reinforced concrete; the structure of walls is as follows: brick parapets, latticed metal poles, lattice steel beams, and the roof is made of a thermal insulating profiled sheet.

The access to the first floor is made by 2 interior stairs. The hall is sold with electrostatic painting furnace cooling system air conditioning, surveillance system, furniture.

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