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Client Testimonials:

  • "Dependable, fair, knowledgeable. No complaints. Would use again, would recommend. Taff Morgan." (Shrewsbury/Spain)
  • "The best property managing agent by far in Transylvania. Good team, good principals, good service! Thank You!." Berwick T (Prague)
  • "Absolutely the finest property management services in central Romania. From finding me tenants to emergency repairs, gets done efficiently & to the highest standards." Steve Willis. (New York/Brasov)
  • "Simply EXCELLENT! Hard working, responsive, fast, able & willing. Perfect. no complaints. Thank you & thank you again. Definitely the best agent I have experienced in Bucharest so far." Bill Duggan (Oxford)
  • "My experience is very positive. My sister & I are delighted to have discovered them. Their attention is constant, persistent. A sharp contrast to previous agent. Staff excellent, professional & courteous always. 5/5. ." Jerry/ Eileen Donohoe (Cork)
  • "They have built up a fantastic business in Brasov & as one of their clients I am amazed at their knowledge of the local housing market in Romania." Andy B (Edinburgh/Brasov)
  • "Meeting them was like finding a gold nugget, it's rare now to find someone so trustworthy & as keen to get you the value for money." Kieran Dundon (Dublin)
  • "Damian is reliable & fair. Never had problems with him as my landlord. I would gladly recommend to anybody to do business with." Maria V (Spain)
  • "I am so grateful for the advice & practical assistance with a property investment in Brasov, Romania. They are quick-thinking, creative,very pragmatic." Tia Azulay (London)
  • "These are people that you can trust, very difficult when trying to get things done in a foreign country." Anne Jenkins (Naples)

White Mountain's team is renowned for dedication and customer focus since 2006. We strive to provide what few other Real Estate agents do: honest, high quality, good value real estate solutions in Brasov, Bucharest, Constanta and other cities in Romania, with unparalleled standards of professionalism in all aspects of Romanian Real Estate, including:

  • Buying, Selling and Renting Property in Romania
  • Property Management / Rent Management- Find out more!
  • Furnishing and Interior Design
  • Renovation, Repairs and Decoration
  • Property Home Insurance and Property Valuation Reports

We are here to assist you in finding a home, investment, office or business premises. Located in the Old Town Square of Brasov with satellite offices in Bucharest, Constanta, and Bran covering other cities in Romania. We proudly abide by ARAI ethics code.

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Meet the team (click an image to email each person directly)

We have a strong team, led by Damian Galvin, MBA, MSc, a Chartered Engineer. Before creating White Mountain, Damian was an Engineering Design Manager at supercar-maker Aston Martin after progressing from Jaguar and Ford. He moved to Romania to establish the company, brand and its renowned values which raise the standard for its competition. Click my photo to email me directly.

Anne Liese Natu Anne-Liese Natu, MA Management and Business Strategy. Sales/Rental Coordinator– is responsible for finding much of the sought-after property we are able to offer. Anne has a good eye for tasteful homes and offices as well as in presenting and advertising property in its best light, as many clients can testify. Anne studied in Brasov and Scotland for her degree and originates from Sacele, Brasov. Click my photo to email me directly.

Cosmin Acojocaritei Cosmin Acojocaritei, BA Management and Construction Technology. Sales Coordinator– is responsible for property sales at White Mountain and is able to bridge the gap bewtween the seller requests and buyer demands, a sometimes difficult task. His professional, sincere yet unrushed manner is crucial in getting the clients the best deal. Cosmin has Ukrainian/Romanian ancestry, bringing an interesting cultural mix to the team. Click my photo to email me directly.

Andra Robescu Andra Robescu, MA Marketing, Property Management, Office Administration, Sales/Rental Assistent- providing business support as well as dividing her time equally across Property Management, Sales and Rental matters. You can find Andra involved in everything from marketing property to writing property contracts to keeping external contractors on track. Andra originates from Brasov.

Calina Popa Calina Popa, BA Sociology, Property Manager- taking care of day to day management of properties from dealing with tenants to monitoring of utilities to organising property insurance and payment of taxes. Calina originates from Sfantu Gheorghe.

Alexandru Pintiliciuc Alex 'Pinty' Pintiliciuc, attends to Maintenance, Renovation, Construction– Alex can turn his hand to many things mechanical. He has a wide range of practical skills and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Alex comes from Ghimbav and practices extreme sports such as skydiving & off-piste snowboarding when not hanging wall paper. Alex has recently started his law degree, so he also can sue you if you criticise his wall paper taste!

Lavinia Florea Lavinia Florea (Consultant), MA Administration, Special Projects Consultant - Having been a White Mountain Property Manager since the summer of 2011, from October 2013, has started collaborating on a project basis with White Mountain. Specialising in such matters as company ownership changes and administration, special property studies such as land divisions, planning permission and so forth.

Ioana Bucur Ioana Bucur (Consultant), MA International Business, Special Projects Consultant- along with Lavinia will collaborate on a project basis support in such matters as planning permission, complex legal projects and major administration projects.

Corbin Corbin is the office cat! Born in 1998, his looks defy his years. You will find Corbin either brushing up against any unsuspecting clients feet, pleading for food or hiding if it is cold outside. He brings calm to a hectic office. Corbin is disciplined to do exactly as he pleases. You can't summon him, you leave a message and he gets back to you! You can find him on Facebook. He is trying for a paypal account so he can buy posh salmon without waiting for his keepers to feed him. Click my photo to email me directly.

Each team member, all university graduates (except Corbin), underwent a tough selection process known as the 'Tough Mountain Challenge' to join our team. Having an interest in Real Estate is just a part. To be good at what we do, each team member requires an eye for detail, absolute integrity, customer focus, resourcefulness and of course be hard working. Few property related tasks are beyond us, because this is our passion as the results show. For this reason, we stand apart from any other Real Estate service in Romania.

To meet your needs we also enlist a wider team, at your disposal whenever you require it, which includes :Notaries, Lawyers, Translators, Insurance Agents, Property Valuers, Structural Engineers, Architects, Accountants, a VAT expert, Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, external Building contractors, Window fitters, Air conditioning suppliers, Glass-maker, Tailors, Banner Printing Companies, Furniture making companies, and of course the ever important house Cleaners Only with a team this big are we able to deliver the range of services you ask of us and to be able gain the testimonials you can see on this site.